New Sawabi treasurer

Since we couldn’t have an annual meeting to elect officers, I asked the current ones if they would stay in place for another year and all but one agreed. Linda Edwards tendered her resignation as treasurer and nominated M’Liss Stelzer to replace her. M’Liss accepted the nomination and the board approved the change unanimously during the online Zoom meeting on May 4. Abby Stelzer was approved to join the board as a member-at-large. 
The officers of the Sawabi Chapter for the year 2020 – 2021 are: Geoff Hogander, President; Paul Allen, Vice-president; Barbara Nicholls, Secretary; M’Liss Stelzer, Treasurer; Cheri Baker, Karl Holte, Ardys Holte, Mel Nicholls, Grant Thomas, Bob McCoy, LaRue Gregersen, Cathy McPherson and Abby Stelzer, members-at-large.

Geoff Hogander, President