Pebble Creek Wildflower Festival, June 22

Pebble Creek Wildflower Festival
 Saturday, June 22, is the Pebble Creek Ski Area Music and Wildflower Festival:

Wildflower Festival – Pebble Creek Ski AreaAll proceeds benefit Pebble Creek National Ski Patrol. National Ski Patrol members support Pebble Creek in preparing the mountain in the morning, rescuing and caring for injured guests throughout the day, and making sure everyone gets down safely when the mountain

All are invited, but do know that this is a fund raiser for the ski patrol with an $10 entry fee plus a $15 lift fee to the top.  Paul Allen (208 241-5265) will lead a downhill walk of ~ 3/4 mile to the lodge.  Music, food, and drink are available there.  The flowers should be prime.Let’s meet at the lift line  at 4:00 when the lift starts up and we’ll start the downhill walk ~4:30.