Sawabi Christmas Party December 14

Sawabi is having a Christmas Party!
This year we will be hosted at the Stelzer home (Abby, M’Liss, and Matthew).  A Turkey and Ham will be provided but we ask that you bring a little something to share with your friends. Also, BYOB.  M’Liss would like to know what you might be bringing, so give her a call or drop an email. 
We also are planning on an optional White Elephant gift exchange.  Wrap something unwanted, funny, or inexpensive if you wish to play.  (I’m bringing the robotic fish I got last year.)
Plan on arriving between 4:00 and 4:30 on Saturday, December 14’th.
Getting there is easy:
8914 W. Buckskin Rd.  Drive up the AMI hill on Buckskin Rd to the top.  Christmas will be happening at the end of the second driveway (first paved driveway) on the left. If coming from Parks Rd., it will be the first driveway on the right.  As you enter this driveway there will be a neighbors house immediately on the right.  The Stelzers are at the end of the longer driveway straight on. Parking shouldn’t be a problem if we use some common sense. (I’d turn around before parking)
RSVP to: M’Liss Stelzer if coming:, (208) 589-8799