Sawabi Program October 15


(Sawabi’s evening programs will now be held on the third Monday of the month instead of the first Monday.  Programs will be held in The Middle Fork Room which is right next door to our previous room, The North Fork Room.)


The Sawabi Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society will begin its indoor programs on Monday, October 15, 2018, at 7:00 pm, in The Middle Fork Room, third floor of the Pond Student Union Building, lower campus of Idaho State University.  First Karl Holte will present THE PLANT FAMILY OF THE MONTH.  Then Paul Allen, the main speaker, will guide us on a botanical exploration of New Zealand’s South Island.


Light refreshments will be provided and culinary offerings of your own

would be appreciated.  Phone Hostess Cathy McPherson, 208-233-5899, for ideas and offerings.


For general questions, phone President Paul Allen at 208-241-5265.