Spring Break Trip to Death Valley!

An Invitation to a Spring Break Trip to Death Valley! (March 22-30, 2008)
Several Sah-Wah-Be chapter members from Pocatello have decided to go to Death Valley during the week of Idaho State University’s Spring Break (March 22-30) to enjoy the flowers and DV’s unique and varied habitat. An invitation is extended to any others, INPS members or not, who are tired of winter cold and snow to join us on this adventure to one of Earth’s natural wonders.
Although this year may not be as good as the “Big Bloom of 2005,” purported to have been the best DV flower display in 100 years, there are apt to be a great many flowers because of this winter’s abundant rainfall in southern California. Karl Holte, who enjoyed DV twice in 2005 and a number of times in years past when he took his classes there during ISU’s Spring Break, has agreed to be a “flower guide” for anyone who wishes to accompany him throughout the area for a week of botanizing and touristy sight-seeing of the natural areas and the historical sites, including the Devil’s Golf Course, Scotty’s Castle, borax mining sites, charcoal kilns, Zabriski Point, Golden Canyon, Artist’s Drive, Badwater, and Titus Canyon…weather, time, and roads permitting, plus interest shown. During March, the National Park Service also provides daily field trips plus nightly lectures at the Visitors Center.
Most of us plan to arrive in DV on Monday, March 24, and some of us will likely stay through Sunday, March 30. We propose that our group all be based in the Furnace Creek Area, if possible, which includes the National Park Visitors Center and various types of accommodations for camping, RVs, and hotel rooms. Barbara Nicholls has been gathering information for this trip by phone and on the Web. Please refer to the Sah-Wah-Be section on this website for a more elaborate report of this proposal and the very detailed information she has gathered on accommodations, including suggestions and reservation phone numbers. Barbara adds, “Time is of the essence for making your reservations, as March 22-30 is not only Spring Break for many but also Easter week….and I had much better luck getting information by phoning rather than relying on the internet.”
Come join us! Whenever you can arrive, however much you care to participate with the group, or however long you can stay, we will welcome your company! But please let us know your plans. Again, refer to the Sah-Wah-Be page for details.