The Fall Florilegium: A Gathering of Asters

We are looking to start a new INPS Chapter in the Idaho Falls area. Please join us for a short informational meeting and then a presentation about the Asters (Daisies) by Dr. Gary Baird of BYU-Idaho.
When: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 7-9 PM
Where: Idaho Falls Fish & Game Office
4279 Commerce Circle, Idaho Falls, ID
The Fall Florilegium: A Gathering of Asters.
Autumn wildflowers are often overshadowed by the spectacular change in color of the surrounding forests. The majority of these wildflowers belong to the Aster or Sunflower family, which is well represented in Eastern Idaho. Members of this plant family can be found blooming from early spring to late fall, although most bloom late and thus form the largest part of our autumnal flora. In particular, the asters are a diverse and varied part of our flora that can sometimes be difficult to sort. In this brief look at our fall wildflowers, we will consider the beauty and variety of asters found in Eastern Idaho.