In this beautiful, educational and fun slide presentation, Dr. Kallas shows how to identify, harvest and prepare nutritious, delicious, and abundant edible wild plants found within walking distance of your kitchen. He also shows you features that make for effective learning in any wild food book.
This presentation is a sampling of the content of John’s new book: Edible Wild Plants, Wild Foods From Dirt to Plate. The presentation will be followed by a question and answer period and a book signing. Edible Wild Plants is ground-breaking: It is the first book to make wild foods understandable and usable by the general public, including gardeners, chefs, dieters, home cooks and nutrition-minded consumers.
John Kallas has investigated edible wild plants since 1970 and taught about them since 1978. A trained botanist, nature photographer, writer, researcher, and teacher, Dr. Kallas has a doctorate in Nutrition, a Masters in Education, and majors in Biology and Natural Science. He founded Wild Food Adventures, The Institute for the Study of Edible Wild Plants & Other Foragables in 1993 and was the primary writer and editor of the Wild Food Adventurer newsletter. He published Edible Wild Plants in 2010. For more information about John, his book, or Wild Food Adventures visit www.wildfoodadventures.com.
Thursday September 13, 2012
7 – 9pm
Marshall Public Library
113 South Garfield Ave, Pocatello, Idaho
Wild Food Adventures:
Admission is Free
Books available for $25