Eriogonum Society/INPS Annual Meeting

Initial Announcment
The 2014 Eriogonum Society meeting will be centered in Twin Falls, Idaho, giving us the opportunity to explore the botanical and geological wonders of the middle Snake River Plain, including the Bennett Hills and Gooding City of Rocks, the South Hills (southern Sawtooth National Forest), and the Craters of the Moon. This will be a joint meeting of the Eriogonum Society and the Idaho Native Plant Society, giving us the opportunity to make new friends and take advantage of the cumulative knowledge of some of Idaho’s most accomplished professional and amateur botanists.
Meeting Dates
The meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 20 through Sunday, June 22, with an optional post-meeting tour of Craters of the Moon National Monument and Fish Creek Canyon on Monday, June 23.
Other details
Other details such as lodging information (hotels and campgrounds), registration, meals, classes, field trips, and meeting schedule are provided on the Eriogonum Society’s website (see below).
Please visit the Eriogonum Society’s website to register for the joint meeting.