Rare Plant Conference, Rare Plant List, and Working Groups

The Idaho Rare Plant Conference (RPC) is generally held every other year, where issues related to Idaho’s flora are discussed and Idaho’s rare plants are ranked to determine their protection requirements. It is organized by INPS along with various agencies (such as Bureau of Land Management, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service, etc.), academics, consultants, and others interested in Idaho’s rare plants.

It is an opportunity to learn about rare plants, share information, and network with others of similar interests.

Updating the INPS Rare Plant List, based on new information, is a substantial portion of the RPC. In addition, there are usually a number of talks/presentations on rare plants, conservation issues, or related topics. Dinners (either banquet or informal gatherings) along with conference breaks and poster session offer opportunities to renew or make new botanical acquaintances. Sometimes a field trip has been part of the RPC.

Rare Plant List and INPS Rare Plant Working Groups

Updating the

Idaho Rare Plant List

begins with the

Rare Plant Working Groups.


Past Conferences and Keynote Speakers

  • 2023 Keynote: Ben Legler, Idaho’s elusive moonworts (Botrychium).  Featured plant: Botrychium hesperium.  2023_RPC_Agenda_FINAL      Our 31st Idaho Rare Plant Conference was held Feb. 28 – March 2, 2023.
  • 2022 was an on-line, abbreviated conference focusing on the Rare Plant List update.  Featured plant: Montia parvifolia var. batholithica. Link to agenda. Handouts can be found below.
  • 2020 Keynote: Chris Davidson, Flora of the World.  Featured plant: Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens.  Link to agenda.
  • 2018—Salmon R. Mountains penstemon, Penstemon salmonensis
  • 2016—Packard’s milkvetch, Astragalus cusickii var. packardiae, was our highlighted species.
  • 2014—Barbara Ertter, Consumers’ Guide to On-line Floristic Data–
  • 2011—No Keynote Speaker, Focus on Rare Plant List Update—
  • 2009 — Del Wiens, Plant Associations of Africa
  • 2007 — George Wuerthner, WILDFIRE A Century of Failed Forest Policy
  • 2006 — Bob Moseley, Plant Conservation in the Tibetan Borderlands
  • 2005 — Bruce Welch, Countering Misinformation Concerning Big Sagebrush

   If you would like to become an INPS member join online at www.idahonativeplants.org 

Handouts from the 2022 Conference:
Northern Idaho Rare Plant Working Group Species Accounts:

Botrychium hesperium Species Account NIRPWG 2020-01-12                                           Calliergonella cuspidata Species Account 2022-01-18                                                                            Carex lacustris Species Acct 2022-01-18                                                                                                 Carex limosa Species Account 2021-12-14                                                                                              Carex sychnocephala Species Acct 2022-01-18                                                                                    Carex tenera Species Account 2022-02-18                   Carex_podocarpa_Species_Account_2021-01-12                                                                      Cryptogramma stelleri Species Account 2021-01-12                                                                                Eleocharis mamillata ssp. mamillata Species Acct 2021-02-10                                                          Elymus hirsutus Species Acct 2021-01-12                                                                                                            Mitella trifida Species Acct 2022-02-10                                                                                                                Monarda fistulosa var. menthifolia Species Acct                                                                Muhlenbergia racemosa Species Account 2022-02-16                                                        Porotrichum bigelovii Species Acct 2021-02-10                                                                                    Silene spaldingii Species Account 2022-01-18                                                                            Sphagnum platyphyllum Species Acct 2021-02-10

Southern Idaho Rare Plant Working Group Species Accounts:

Ammannia robusta_Species_Account_20201209
Astragalus mollissimus var. thompsoniae_Sp_Accnt_20220217
Orthocarpus holmgreniorum_Sp_Accnt_2022_02_23
Phacelia scopulina Sp_Accnt 2022_02_17
Pogogyne serpylloides-Sp Acnt 2022_02_17
Solidago nana_Sp_Accnt_2022_02_21