Wood River Chapter (Ketchum, Sun Valley)

2020 Field Trip to Mill Lake in the Prairie Creek area of the Smoky Mountains

The Wood River Chapter covers Picabo, Gannet, Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum and Sun Valley, and Blaine County in general. We focus on speaker presentations in the cold months and field trips in the warm(er) months. Our chapter also has a couple of events each year for chapter members only. Besides scheduled events, we offer Pop Up events at the last minute, which we announce via our email newsletter. You can find out about all our programs by subscribing to our email newsletter, which is open to anyone (just email 1gypsy2016@gmail.com and say you’d like to be added to the newsletter list).

For information about upcoming talks, hikes & walks and wildflower videos, please visit our Wood River Chapter website. You will also find links to upcoming Zoom presentations and links to Youtube videos of past speakers. Everyone is welcome to all but the chapter member only events.

2021 Officers:

Kristin Fletcher: president

John Shelley: vice president

Mary MacClanahan: secretary

Cynthia Langlois: treasurer

Carol Blackburn: member at large

Lisa Horton: member at large