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Welcome to the Pahove Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society. We are located in Boise and support the citizens of the Treasure Valley and southwestern Idaho.  Anyone interested in botany, biology, wildlife, pollinators, landscaping, gardening, hiking, photography and/or simply being out in nature are very welcome to join.

2022/2023 Activities & Presentations

It’s 2023! We are using a hybrid format for presentations that will allow for viewing in-person at the MK Nature Center or from home. There will be more details sent via email about the location, date, time, speaker, and title description as each presentation draws closer. As always, we have fascinating talks by great speakers, so don’t miss out, and please join us again this season.

Our chapter of INPS has adopted a plot, taking part in a community wide restoration effort along the Boise River called the Boise River ReWILD project. We’ll be doing more in the early spring. Please contact us at if you are interested in lending a hand.

 Presentations: 2022/2023

Nov. 8, 2022Rescheduled for Wed., Nov.16, 2022– Dr. Megan Cattau, Assistant Professor in Human-Environment Systems at Boise State University- Mapping of Invasive Species with Unoccupied Aerial Systems (UAS)
Dec. 13, 2022- Rob Laport, Assistant Professor of Biology & Director of the Harold M. Tucker Herbarium (CIC) at the College of Idaho- Hidden biodiversity: Genome duplication shapes pollinator visitation, herbivore specialization, and plant community structure
Jan. 10, 2023- Michael Mancuso, state INPS President- Made in Idaho: Idaho’s Endemic Plant Species
Feb. 14, 2023- Ron Bitner/Amy Dolan-Bees of the Treasure Valley
Mar. 14, 2023- Matt Lavin- The sagebrush sea in southeastern Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming: composition, distinction, and conservation value
Apr. 11, 2023- Bob Moseley- Revisiting Shangri-La: Photographing a Century of Environmental and Cultural Change in the Mountains of Southwest China.

Past Presentations 

Sept. 8, 2020-Don Mansfield and Barbara Ertter-Floristics in Southwestern Idaho
Oct.13, 2020-Roger Rosentreter-Cheatgrass In Idaho
Nov.10, 2020- Jack Nisbet-The Leiberg Family in Idaho, 1884-1907
Dec.8, 2020- Ron Bitner-Pollinator-related topic/ Bee Biology, TBA
Jan.12, 2021- John Keeley-Nexus Between Wildfire Catastrophes, Climate, and Population Growth
Feb.9, 2021- Carol Wilson-Mistletoe diversity and biogeography with a focus on dwarf mistletoe in the Idaho landscape
Mar.9, 2021-Josh Newman, USFS Forester-Bogus Basin Forest Management
April 13, 2021-Jennifer Sowerwine-Biocultural systems, food security, and eco-cultural restoration in the Klamath River Basin
May 11, 2021-Derek Antonelli-Conifers of Idaho
Oct. 12, 2021- Galls of southwestern Idaho by Samuel DeGrey
Nov. 9, 2021- Restoration plant material development in the Great Basin region of the United States: A History and Comparison of Research Approaches by Francis Kilkenny
Dec. 14, 2021- Barbara Ertter-New Discoveries and What’s Cool in the Boise Front 
Jan. 11, 2022- Pat Fields-A Look at the Miocene Flora of the Greater Idaho Region
Feb. 8, 2022- Peggy Owell-BLM National Plant Conservation Program
Mar. 8, 2022- Lynn Kinter-Idaho’s Wicked Plants: Painful, Poisonous, & Pernicious Species
Apr. 12, 2022- Israel Borokini-An unconventional career journey from Warm Tropical to Cold Desert Ecosystems

Plant These, Not Those (brochure drafted 2022)

This brochure offers ecologically appropriate alternatives to a handful of commonly available ornamental plants that pose a threat to our natural communities. 2 pages. Credit: Anna Lindquist and Pahove Board Members

Plant These! Not Those!. INPS. Pahove. v.FINAL (2) (1)-1


Held annually

native plant sale

Click below to learn more about previous plant sales!

(Please read below to learn more about what our local chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society does for our flora and fauna and our community.)
The Pahove Chapter:
    • supports native plant demonstration gardens at schools, local businesses, in our city, and other surrounding areas across the Treasure Valley

    • supports native plant restoration projects, such as the Yankee Fork project, the Birds of Prey Center project, and the Boise River project

    • funds native plant related publications, such as the Native Plant Coloring Book, Native Plants fandex, and Mirabilis brochure

    • funds teaching materials, such as field guides

    • sponsors plant workshops, such as the Astragalus, Brassicaceae, and Aquatics workshops

    • sponsors and staffs the Idaho Rare Plant Conference

    • contributes articles to our Sage Notes newsletter

    • hosts an annual Native Plant Sale

    • hosts an annual Wildflower Plus Show

    • donates to our state’s herbaria

    • donates to the MK Nature Center

    • donates to the Idaho Botanical Garden and its Idaho Native Plant Garden

    • donates to the ERIG (Education, Research, and Inventory Grant)

    • awards Education and Enrichment for members

    • offers monthly presentations (Oct.-April) on botany, nature, and other scientific topics

    • offers field tours/field trips to members

    • offers comaraderie

    • stays informed about conservation issues and shares information with our chapter members

    • stays connected with our community

    • and much more…

  • Wildflowers of Southern Idaho Coloring Book

Take this coloring book along with you when you are hiking, photographing, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Published by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Pahove Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society, this coloring book may be reproduced but not sold. Share it with every child you know!

Wildflower Coloring Book

In the Boise area (wildflower walks and trails)

In the Boise area (plant suppliers)

In the Boise area (landscapers)

Many other landscapers also may install buffalo grass and blue grama grass plugs. 

Officers and Committee Members

  • Karie Pappani, President – pahove.chapter.president [at]
  • Susan Ziebarth, Vice President, Plant Sale Manager
  • Michael Ottenlips, Secretary
  • Don Essig, Chapter Treasurer
  • Kirsten Severud, Chapter Membership
  • Karen Getusky, State Treasurer
  • Vicki Henderson, State Membership, Chapter IT Committee
  • Ray Corbin, Member at Large
  • Barbara Ertter, Member at Large
  • Peggy Faith, Education & Outreach 
  • Anna Lindquist, Social Media: Instagram & Facebook
  • Jody Hull, Social Media: Facebook and Sage Notes Layout Designer
  • Diane Jones, Website Committee
  • Beth Corbin, Southern Idaho Rare Plant Working Group Lead

Write to the Pahove chapter at


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    Please join Pahove for “The Sagebrush Sea in Southeastern Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming: Composition, Distinction, and Conservation Value” , presented by Dr. Matt Lavin, Montana State University. Tuesday, March 14th, at 7pm, at the MK Nature Center. A zoom link will be available. Abstract: Understanding the composition, distinction, and conservation value of mountain and Wyoming big sagebrush […]

  • » Pahove presentation February 14

    In person @ 7pm MST at the MK Nature Center or attend via Zoom. Please email for the link. There are  hundreds of species of wild, native bees found in Idaho, but no survey has yet been undertaken. Dr. Ron Bitner and Amy Dolan have spent the last 3 years attempting to learn what […]

  • » Pahove Presentation January 10

    Michael Mancuso, our INPS state president and long time professional botanist, will present on:  Made in Idaho: Idaho’s Endemic Plant Species Idaho has more than 3,000 plant species. Some of them occur in Idaho and nowhere else.  This presentation will introduce you to a subset of these Idaho endemic plant species. Each one has a […]

  • » Pahove presentation December 13

    Our upcoming presentation is by Rob Laport, our new director of the College of Idaho, Harold M. Tucker Herbarium in Caldwell. It is just one short week away next Tuesday, December 13th at 7pm MST. You can join in person at the MK Nature Center or attend via Zoom. Please email for the link.  […]