Pahove Past Presentations

Sept. 8, 2020-Don Mansfield and Barbara Ertter-Floristics in Southwestern Idaho

Oct.13, 2020-Roger Rosentreter-Cheatgrass In Idaho

Annual grasses that are invading the western N.A.

Cheatgrass in North America (Osher BSU presentation)

Nov.10, 2020- Jack Nisbet-The Leiberg Family in Idaho, 1884-1907

Dec.8, 2020- Ron Bitner-Pollinator-related topic/ Bee Biology, TBA

Jan.12, 2021- John Keeley-Nexus Between Wildfire Catastrophes, Climate, and Population Growth

Feb.9, 2021- Carol Wilson-Mistletoe diversity and biogeography with a focus on dwarf mistletoe in the Idaho landscape

Mar.9, 2021-Josh Newman, USFS Forester-Bogus Basin Forest Management

April 13, 2021-Jennifer Sowerwine-Biocultural systems, food security, and eco-cultural restoration in the Klamath River Basin

May 11, 2021-Derek Antonelli-Conifers of Idaho

Oct. 12, 2021- Galls of southwestern Idaho by Samuel DeGrey

Nov. 9, 2021- Restoration plant material development in the Great Basin region of the United States: A History and Comparison of Research Approaches by Francis Kilkenny

Dec. 14, 2021- Barbara Ertter-New Discoveries and What’s Cool in the Boise Front

Jan. 11, 2022- Pat Fields-A Look at the Miocene Flora of the Greater Idaho Region

Feb. 8, 2022- Peggy Owell-BLM National Plant Conservation Program

Mar. 8, 2022- Lynn Kinter-Idaho’s Wicked Plants: Painful, Poisonous, & Pernicious Species

Apr. 12, 2022- Israel Borokini-An unconventional career journey from Warm Tropical to Cold Desert Ecosystems

Nov. 8, 2022Rescheduled for Wed., Nov.16, 2022– Dr. Megan Cattau, Assistant Professor in Human-Environment Systems at Boise State University- Mapping of Invasive Species with Unoccupied Aerial Systems (UAS)

Dec. 13, 2022- Rob Laport, Assistant Professor of Biology & Director of the Harold M. Tucker Herbarium (CIC) at the College of Idaho- Hidden biodiversity: Genome duplication shapes pollinator visitation, herbivore specialization, and plant community structure

Jan. 10, 2023- Michael Mancuso, state INPS President- Made in Idaho: Idaho’s Endemic Plant Species

Feb. 14, 2023- Ron Bitner/Amy Dolan-Bees of the Treasure Valley

Mar. 14, 2023- Matt Lavin- The sagebrush sea in southeastern Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming: composition, distinction, and conservation value

Apr. 11, 2023- Bob Moseley- Revisiting Shangri-La: Photographing a Century of Environmental and Cultural Change in the Mountains of Southwest China.