2022 INPS Statewide Annual Meeting

Plants and history of Clearwater forest communities

June 23-27, 2022

Join your White Pine Chapter hosts to explore the fascinating flora with the natural and human history in the Clearwater River drainage. We will camp along the Wild and Scenic Lochsa River, adjacent to the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area. Lewis and Clark traveled through here, as did many Native Americans before and since. The area is home to many coastal disjunct species and has a long history of fires and human use for recreation, timber production, fishing, and other delights. We welcome INPS members and non-member guests.

Forest scene
Forest scene along Wilderness gateway trail
Ferns berries
Plants to see along the Wilderness Gateway trail

All Photos by Penny Morgan

Click here for map of Loop A

We will gather on June 23-27, 2022, at the Wilderness Gateway Campground on the Lochsa River along US 12 122 miles east of Lewiston. We have reserved the Pavilion and all 26 campsites in Loop A for our meeting. If you wish us to hold one of these reserved campsites in Loop A, send us an email at whitepine.treasurer@gmail.com (we will include cost for 4 nights in your registration; each site holds up to 8 people in 2 vehicles). If you prefer to reserve a campsite on one of the other loops or in another campground you can visit recreation.gov or call 1-877-444-6777. There are other campgrounds and some hotels, though none are nearby. We advise getting your campground reservations soon!

Camas at meadow
Camas at Parker Meadows

Our field trips will be fascinating. At Packer Meadows, see wet meadows that are home to more than 150 different plant species, including camas and sundews. The Nez Perce, early trappers, and the Lewis and Clark expeditions camped here. Elsewhere, feel the shade under enormous western redcedar trees. Learn about the many native plants growing in the groves and the recent declining health of many western redcedar trees in this area. Explore habitats for many coastal disjunct species. Snow and weather permitting, experience the subalpine forest habitats to learn about whitebark pine ecology and restoration efforts. Our field trip leaders will highlight local history and scenery.

Please return to this INPS webpage Statewide Annual Meeting to find more information as 2022 nears. As we finalize them, we will post updates about the tentative schedule of field trips, costs, and other details. For more information, please get in touch with whitepine.treasurer@gmail.com.