Past Annual Meetings

Are you curious about what happens at a Statewide Annual Meeting or do you want to relive special memories at a past event? If so, check out the articles and photos listed below for past meetings. If anyone has other photo albums that can be linked, please let us know.

2021 Annual Meeting

Hosted by the Sawabi Chapter near Pocatello Idaho
Review in Sage Notes June 2021 issue

2020 Annual Meeting was not held due to Covid restrictions

2019 Annual Meeting

Hosted by the Pahove Chapter in McCall, Idaho

Review in Sage Notes September 2019 issue

2018 Annual Meeting

Hosted by the Calypso Chapter in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Dinner/Keynote on the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River (Miller).

The focus of the event was the Swedish
American pioneering botanical collector, forester, and
bryologist, John Leiberg. Leiberg was responsible for
documenting flora throughout the Pacific Northwest, but
particularly North Idaho. Many of the oldest herbaria
specimens for species in our area were collected by
Leiberg. He collected several species new to science.

Review in Sage Notes September 2018 issue

2017 Annual Meeting

Hosted by the Loasa Chapter in Challis, Idaho at the Living Waters Ranch

Review in Sage Notes December 2017 issue

2016 Annual Meeting

Review in Sage Notes September 2016

“From Refugia to Ridgetops” by Nancy Miller, Sonja Lewis, Judy Ferguson and Pamela Pavek. Fish Creek Meadow (Miller) Mud Springs Ridge / Cow Creek Saddle with Mike Hays (Miller) Tollgate Meadow with Mike Hays (Miller) Grand Fir Mosaic with Mike Hays and Dennis Ferguson (Miller)

2015 Annual Meeting

Review in Sage Notes December 2015

Two sides of the Tetons” by LaMar N Orton, Loasa Chapter. A Joint Meeting with the Wyoming Native Plant Society.  Darby Canyon Hike (Miller) Flagg Ranch Rd Tour (Miller) Grand Teton Driving Tour (Miller) Teton Annual Meeting Photos (Omoto)

2014 Annual Meeting

Buckwheats and Botanists – A Reminiscence” by Steve Love, Sawabi Chapter. Twin Falls. A Joint Meeting with the American Eriogonum Society.

Report in Sage Notes March 2015  Gooding Field Trip (Miller) Reception at Orton’s (Miller) Annual Membership Meeting (Miller) Steve Love Eriogonum Workshop (Miller) Jim Reveal Workshop (Miller) South Hills Field Trip (Miller)

2013 Annual Meeting 2013

Review in Sage Notes September 2013
by Tony McCammon, Stephen Love, LaMar Orton, Loasa and Sawabi Chapters.
Boise. Joint meeting with the American Penstemon Society Succor Creek Field Trip Idaho Botanical Garden Reception Leslie Gulch Field Trip Hells Canyon Field Trip

2012 Annual Meeting

Review in Sage Notes September 2012 
by Derek Antonelli, Calypso Chapter. Clark Fork, Idaho Morris Creek Trail (Miller) Pack River Delta (Miller) Annual Meeting/Dinner/Presentation (Miller)

2011 Annual Meeting

Review in Sage Notes September 2011
by Valdon Hancock, Loasa Chapter. City of Rocks Friday Potluck (Miller) Field Trip Lower Elevation Trail (Miller) Field Trip Indian Grove (Miller) Ridge and Upper Elevation Trail (Miller) Saturday Annual Meeting (Miller)

2010 Annual Meeting

“Friends, Field Trips, Fire, and Fun”
Review in Sage Notes September 2010
by Janet Campbell, Patricia Hine, Nancy Miller, Nancy Sprague & Helen Yost, White Pine Chapter. Heyburn State Park. 2010 Annual Meeting & Presentation (Miller) Big Creek St. Joe Field Trip (Miller) Hobo Creek Field Trip(Miller) Bill Rember Clarkia Site (Miller)
No photos available yet for field trip to Mary Minerva Mccroskey State Park