Pahove Presentation April 20

Our next presentation will be on Saturday, 04/20/24, at 7pm instead of our usual 2nd Tuesday of the month. It will still be in person at the MK Nature Center and also via Zoom.
Oral Traditions on Nature and Newe Seasons by Dr. Cleve Davis, author of the upcoming book “So Long as Game May Be Found Thereon…”

This presentation is an exploration of the intertwined lives of the Newe (Bannock and Shoshone) people and the natural world, shedding light on the enduring importance of traditional hunting and gathering. Drawing from a rich tapestry of oral history, languages, and practices that have sustained the Newe people through millennia, the author will share insights into how these traditions foster a deep respect for the Father Sky and Mother Earth. The talk will feature readings from the book, offering a unique glimpse into the wisdom passed down through generations, emphasizing the vital lessons of respect, balance, and interconnectivity in the natural world. As we approach Earth Day, this presentation serves as a reminder of the invaluable lessons American Indian cultures hold for contemporary society. Let us come together to celebrate Earth Day by deepening our understanding of and connection to the natural world, guided by the ancient wisdom of the Newe people. Dr. Cleve Davis is an enrolled member of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes and direct descendant of the Wieser Shoshone Chief Eagle Eye.