Pahove program, February 11

MAPPING THE SAGEBRUSH SEA presented by T. Trevor Cauglin, Ph. D. Sagebrush is a keystone species of cold desert ecosystems across the American West. The Caughlin lab at Boise State is studying how sagebrush populations are changing across space and time in the Great Basin, from movement of individual seeds to region wide changes in […]

Pahove Pizza Party, Sept 9

It’s that time of year again…..join your friends at theINPS Pahove Chapter Members Pizza PartyMonday, September 9, 6:30pmat the Idaho Botanical Garden Plaza – 2355 N. Old Penitentiary Road Pizza and beverages will be plentifully provided. If you enjoy salad/or dessert,please consider bringing enough to share with several other Pahove members.Please RSVP (text or phone) […]

Pahove presentation April 15

ATTRACTING BIRDS TO OUR BACK YARDS PART TWO of Two Part Series sponsored by the Golden Eagle Audubon & Pahove Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society) Landscape Plants for Attracting Birds to Your BackyardMonday, April 15, 7pm Presented by Ann Debolt and Roger Rosentreter – Botanists,Native Plant and Urban Habitat Landscape ExpertsAfter learning on April 1 […]

Pahove lecture, March 12

Floral Treasures of the Owyhee Foothillspresented by Lisa Harloe, Tetra Tech Botanist / Ecologist and Michael Ottenlips, Tetra Tech Biologist-Technician Join us as we share some of the rich and unique flora observed during a spring botanical survey on BLM lands in the foothills of the Owyhee Mountains. Lisa will share an overview of the […]

Pahove Meeting February 12

Paleobotany and Geology of the Clarkia Areapresented by Dr. William C. Rember U of I Department of Geological SciencesThe first discovery of fossils in the Clarkia area was in 1972 during the construction of a snowmobile racetrack.The fossils, primarily plant remains, are preserved in sediments of a Miocene Lake bed.Narrow and deep, the lake’s cold, anoxic […]