Pahove presentation January 15

This month our monthly meeting/presentation will be on the Third Tuesday, January 15. After that we will resume meeting on the second Tuesdays. Schoolyard and Community Native Gardens Outdoor Classrooms and Urban Oases presented by Holly Hovis and Kristin Lohr Across Southwest Idaho, Kristin and Holly have been teaming up to transform schoolyards and community spaces […]

Pahove Meeting, December 11

Join is for popcorn and a movie, December 11, 7 pm at the MK Nature Center, 600 S. Walnut, Boise. Hometown Habitat, produced by award-winning filmmaker, Catherine Zimmerman, is a breath of fresh air, offering a story of hope that all of us have the power to support habitat for wildlife and bring natural beauty […]

Pahove program November 13

The Treasure Valley Native Plant Network Community Conservation in Action! presented by Sean Finn, USFWS Science Coordinator Despite lack of funds and other challenges, the newly formed and ever evolving Treasure Valley Native Plant Network  NPN) has a very powerful tool at its disposal: a community of caring people with a voracious appetite to do […]

Pahove Meeting October 9

Yukon Botany Bennett’s BABY Canadian Oil and of course Potentilla presented by Barbara Ertter PhD Barbara will share her experiences chasing Potentilla in the Yukon, touching on various curious aspects of historical and recent development in Yukon botany. Tuesday, October 9, 7pm at the MK Nature Center 600 S. Walnut, Boise

Pahove Pizza Party, September 18

It’s that time of year again….. Join your friends at the INPS Pahove Chapter Members Pizza Party Tuesday, September 18 6:30pm at the Idaho Botanical Garden Plaza 2355 N. Old Penitentiary Road Pizza and beverages will be plentifully provided. If you enjoy salad/or dessert, please consider bringing enough to share with several other Pahove members. […]

Pahove Plant Sale April 27-28

The theme for this year’s native plant sale is PLANTS provide BUGS, BUDS, and BEDS for BIRDS, POLLINATORS, and WILDLIFE.    The plant sale will be April 27th from 5-7pm for members only and April 28th from 10am-1pm for our public sale. (You can get first pick of plants on Friday by renewing or becoming […]

Pahove program April 10

​Phantom of the Opterans Idaho’s Tiniest and Least-known Owl presented by Leon Powers PhD Leon will introduce us to the tiniest “whoo” in the woods, the truly Olympic-class flammulated owl. Join us on the wildlife odyssey through “Seven Summers” in the Sublett Mountains following the little owl deep into its private life and beyond. Leon […]

Pahove program, February 13

Idaho’s intriguing Orchids presented by Lynn Kinter, PhD Lynn is lead botanist at the Idaho Natural Heritage Program, Idaho Department of Fish and Game. She conducts research on rare native plants, including a threatened orchid, Ute ladies-tresses.   Idaho is home to 28 native orchids. They occur in a surprising array of color, shapes, and sizes, from […]

Pahove Program Jan 9

LONG TERM CONSEQUENCES OF USING NONNATIVE SPECIES IN POST-FIRE RESTORATION AND FUEL-BREAKS How implicit goals can define “success” or “failure”. presented by Francis F. Kilkenny, PhD US Forest Service RMRS Great Basin Native Plant Project Lead Dr. Kilkenny of Boise will share examples of his studies on some long-term vegetation dynamics of post-fire restoration seedings in the […]