Flora of North America, Vol. 28 Published

Flora of North America North of Mexico Volume 28, Bryophyta, Part 2, has been sent to Oxford University Press for printing. This marks the 17th volume to be published in a 30-volume set for the Flora of North America series. The volume has 702 pages covering 48 families, 206 genera, and 698 species. With the publication of this volume, the treatment of mosses for the flora area is complete with a total of 1402 species in 333 genera classified in 81 families. Of the 1402 species, 273 (19.5%) are endemic to the flora area, and 36 are globally at risk of extinction.
The work on Volume 28 was coordinated by lead editor Richard Zander; all of the 366 illustrations were drawn by Patricia Eckel. Ariel Buback was the Technical Editor for Volume 28. Dr. James Zarucchi, as Editorial Director, and Heidi Schmidt, Managing Editor, oversaw all aspects of production. More than 40 authors wrote treatments for the volume.
Vol. 27 and 28 (the mosses) gather together and present in a unified fashion information from the past 50 years of bryological study. Major advances have occurred in understanding the Western moss flora, particularly the discovery of new and previously missed species in California and the Pacific coastal areas of the Northwest of North America. These significant western species are preferentially illustrated in the FNA.
Flora of North America north of Mexico is published by Oxford University Press. All published volumes can be purchased from OUP, and advance orders for Volume 28 can be placed with them. http://global.oup.com/academic/content/series/f/flora-of-north-america-fna/;