White Pine Presentation November 18

INPS members are invited to a White Pine chapter presentation by Dr. Kelsey Bryant. Please pass this information to INPS members in your chapter.

Thursday, November 18, 2021. 7:00 pm PST, White Pine ChapterZOOM virtual presentation and discussionPresenter: Dr. Kelsey Bryant, Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences University of IdahoProgram: Wildfire and Forestshttps://uidaho.zoom.us/j/8281785557

Wildfire and Forests : Examining how fire impacts carbon in northwestern conifer forests and the influence of pre- and post- fire management decisions:Summer 2021 witnessed a record-breaking wildfire season, with greater intensity, frequency, and duration of fires. Seasonal drought and record-breaking temperatures exacerbated ignitions and persistence of fire. Forest fires substantially impact the carbon cycle on short and long term scales, and both prevention and response management strategies can further alter the trajectory of these carbon cycles. In this talk, Dr. Bryant will discuss the effects of fire on carbon, the influence of fire severity, and the implications of various management strategies.Dr Bryant is a tree climber and physiologist. She examines the response of mature canopy trees to climatic stressors such as drought or wildfire. Through field observations in natural forests, she documents physiological responses of mature trees to environmental changes to inform forest carbon models at broader scales. She is currently working in Idaho and Oregon researching mechanisms of conifer recovery post fire, the influence of compounded climate stress during tree recovery, and implications of management decisions on these processes.