White Pine presentation September 21

Thursday, September 21, 2023. 7:00 pm PDT, White Pine Chapter
Presenter: Nan C. Vance, Research Plant Physiologist, USDA Forest Service retired
Program: More than bees – why other insects matter
In person presentation and ZOOM virtual presentation
In person location: Lecompte Auditorium, 2nd floor, 1912 Center, Moscow, Idaho 
Zoom Link: https://uidaho.zoom.us/j/3240288251

This visual talk is a result of Nan’s retirement which has allowed her to hang out with native plants and their many associates. Armed with a camera and insatiable curiosity, she has examined not only plants of our region but some key visitors and their interesting behaviors. Through photos she will introduce us to some favorites all found within a radius of 100 miles: flowers and their friends: bees, wasps, flies and even a photogenic beetle that may have no redeeming qualities, except… Hope you enjoy the presentation.

Nan was formerly research lead of the Biology and Culture of Forest Plants Team at PNW Research Station, Corvallis, OR. She served on graduate faculty Forest Science Department and Plant Science Programs at Oregon State University. Her publications covered plant physiology and ecology, pollination ecology, and restoration research in the inland northwestern US. Nan continues to study interesting and rare plants, insects and their relation to plants with the help of field photography. Because a changing climate places increasing pressure on remaining natural habitats she advocates for better understanding and support of natural habitats and processes that influence insects and their association with plants.

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