White Pine Program, March 9

Thursday March 9, 7:00 pm:  INPS White Pine Chapter Meeting

Speaker:  Fred Rabe, University of Idaho Emeritus Professor of Biology

Program: “Diversity of Aquatic Ecosystem Types in Northern Idaho.”

Location:   1912 Building, Great Room, 412 East Third St, Moscow, Idaho


As Dr. Rabe points out, “There’s an interest in identifying different kinds of birds, plants and other natural objects. Why not add ecosystem types to the list? Have you visited our largest water bodies? Do you know anything about types of high mountain lakes, vernal pools, streams, beaver ponds, or wetlands? Are you acquainted with our large river systems and watersheds to which they belong?”


Fred Rabe has led research in the unique features of our aquatic areas, sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge with us all. Some White Piners recall adventures at the floating mat bog of Hager Lake(!) More recently, Fred led a multi-organization study of conservation needs of plants and aquatic insects in Pinchot Marsh, the Little North Fork of the Clearwater, and Fish Lake. He has also given a presentation on that region’s Research Natural Areas.


Fred will provide attendees with a list of northern Idaho aquatic ecosystem types, to enable us to follow along with the discussion of these habitats.”

Free, at the meeting:  Small seed packets of various native plants will be available for you to select from, provided by White Pine Chapter members and friends!