White Pine Events Nov 9

Please note the  TWO Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 events,  back-to-back:

5:30 pm: White Pine Chapter Annual Meeting, with pizza. 1912 Center, Friendship Hall (2nd door on the right), 412 East 3rd St., Moscow, Idaho. Renew friendships, meet new friends, vote on slate of officers, learn about opportunities in Idaho Native Plant Society, and share your ideas for 2018 activities.

7:00 pm, program:  Bertie Weddell, natural resource conservationist and WSU Horticulturist, presents “The effects of climate change on native and introduced plants” 1912 Center, Great Room, 412 E. 3rd St., Moscow, Idaho.

As the Earth continues to warm, the reproduction, survival, and distribution of plants will be affected. Different species will respond differently to these changes, resulting in new plant assemblages. Native and introduced species are likely to differ in how they react to the changing climate. Bertie Weddell, a specialist in natural resource conservation and faculty member in the Washington State University Department of Horticulture, will discuss current projections of how these changes will affect native grassland ecosystems of the Palouse.