Pahove meeting April 9

A Glass Bottomed Boat Tour Presented by Bill Bourland – BSU Department of Biological Science
Bill is going to take us on leisurely trip to explore some of Idaho’s Protists – organisms that are not plants, animals, bacteria, or fungi. Protists comprise the lion’s share of eukaryotic diversity on Earth, including Idaho. (Eukaryotes are cells than can do anything, that have helped organisms advance to new levels of specialization beyond imagination. You wouldn’t be here if eukaryotic cells did not exist). 
Without the benefit of snorkels or scuba gear, Bill is going take us on a “Glass Bottomed Boat Tour” to whet our appetites for further excursions into the the microscopic world of “pond scum”.
MK Nature Center, 600 S. Walnut, Boise
Tuesday, April 9, 7pm