Pahove presentation April 15

ATTRACTING BIRDS TO OUR BACK YARDS PART TWO of Two Part Series sponsored by the Golden Eagle Audubon & Pahove Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society) Landscape Plants for Attracting Birds to Your BackyardMonday, April 15, 7pm Presented by Ann Debolt and Roger Rosentreter – Botanists,Native Plant and Urban Habitat Landscape Experts
After learning on April 1 “who” might be visiting your backyard after you have provided them with some necessities, Ann and Roger will describe some of the best plants to use for this region that will provide diverse and well rounded food and shelter sources for the birds. They will also describe what not to plant and what plants you might consider removing and why.*providing high quality plants, water and habitat for birds also benefits pollinators, butterflies, bees and other friendly critters who share our yards.