White Pine Meeting February 15

Thursday, February 15, 2024. 7:00 pm PST White Pine Chapter Meeting
Program: The Ecological Importance of Mature Juniper Woodlands
Presenters: Eva Strand and Steve Bunting, Professors of Rangeland Ecology, University of Idaho
Physical location: Lecompte Auditorium on the 2nd floor of the 1912 Center in Moscow, Idaho
Stands of mature juniper woodland are rare on the landscape, but they contribute unique habitats for wildlife and add landscape level diversity throughout the Great Basin, U.S.A. Juniper grow slowly in the semi-arid western mountains, but they can become over 1000 years old. The oldest juniper tree is estimated to be over 3000 years in age. Prior to Euro-American settlement wildfire was more common in the landscape and the mature juniper stands were often located in rocky outcrops, plateaus between canyons, or other areas that were fuel limited or protected from fire spread.
The presenters have collectively conducted research in Idaho’s juniper woodlands for three decades. They have published research documenting plant communities along successional gradients as sagebrush vegetation transitions to juniper woodlands including those plants unique to old-growth juniper. The presentation is illustrated with photos of some of Idaho’s oldest trees. All are welcome.