Pahove Meeting February 12

Paleobotany and Geology of the Clarkia Areapresented by Dr. William C. Rember U of I Department of Geological Sciences
The first discovery of fossils in the Clarkia area was in 1972 during the construction of a snowmobile racetrack.The fossils, primarily plant remains, are preserved in sediments of a Miocene Lake bed.Narrow and deep, the lake’s cold, anoxic water and rapid sedimentation created perfect fossil conditions.The basin has remained tectonically stable over the past 15 million years resulting in little deformation. Leaves often show original brown, red and yellow fall colors.  Some plants even contain Chloroplast and show the original green color!
What do these fossils tell us about our Ancient Idaho?What kind of flora and fauna existed during that period?
Join your Pahove Chapter friends and Dr. Rember to learn more about this wonder of Idaho.TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 7pmat the MK Nature Center600. S. Walnut, Boise