ERIG Program Recipients and Projects

These are the past recipients of the Education Research Inventory Grant (ERIG).

The following table lists recipients, report titles and Sage Notes issues the report appeared in if the report and/or Sage Notes issue is available online. Information is added to this table as it becomes available.

Year Recipient Title Sage Notes issue Status
2023 Emily Burgess, Utah State University Long Term Monitoring of Wildflower Community, Bear Lake Region In progress
2023 Hailey, Native Plant Arboretum Native Plants and Pollinators-Go Hand in Hand! In progress
2023 Weiser Depot Landscape Committee Demonstrating Importance of Native Plants in Landscape Design In progress
2023 Mahima Dixit, CBC, Claremont Graduate University Phylogeny and Taxonomy of the Eriogonum deflexum Complex In progress
2023 Happyville Farm, Idaho Falls Idaho Falls Area Native Plant Demonsration and Education Gardens In progress
2022 City of Hailey Hailey Native Plant Arb, Interpretation and Edu Enhancement Awaiting Sage Notes article (Dec 23)
2022 Clara Buchholtz, BSU Astragalus mulfordiae polination Awaiting Sage Notes article (Dec 23)
2022 IDF&G, SW Region Native Plant, Habitat and Pollinator Demonstration Garden In progress
2022 Natural Connections Academy Native Plant Gardens: Bird/Pond Withdrawn
2022 NW Center for Alternatives to Pesticides Fort Hall Native Plant Project Awaiting Sage Notes article (Dec 23)
2021 Blaine Co. Recreation District Native Plant Arboretum signage December 2021 Completed
2021 Michael Daines, BYU Idaho An Updated Floristic Summary of the Caribou/Targhee NF and Curlew NG September 2023 Completed Requirements
2021 Molly Carney, Washington State University Establishing Archaeological Identification Criteria September 2023 Completed Requirements
2021 Monticello Montessori School, Ammon, ID Native Plant Information Station Awaiting Sage Notes article
2021 UI Extension, Twin Falls County Native Plant Demonstration Garden Signage September 2023 Completed Requirements
2021 Orton Botanical Garden Tri-fold brochures for Gardens June 2022 Completed Requirements
2020 Sawtooth Botanical Garden Native Plant and Pollinator Garden Refurbish In progress
2020 Salmon Valley Stewardship Native Plant Signage Upgrade In progress
2019 Cynthia Mann Elementary Native Plant and Pollinator Garden Terminated
2019 Israel Borokini Genome Size Study – Ivesia taxa Oral presentation to INPS Completed Requirements
2019 Tautphaus Park Zoological Society Native Plants for Maeck Education Center Terminated
2019 The Village Charter School Expand School Native Garden for students and Community Terminated
2019 Lonejack Butte Palouse Prairie Restoration Restoration Forest, Prairie, Farmland Presentation Completed Requirements
2019 Selkirk Outdoor Leadership and Education (SOLE) Round Lake State Park Demonstration Garden Terminated
2019 Plant Diversity Bedrock Meadows Field Research Diversity and Species Composition September 2020 Complete
2018 Ada Community Library; Mary DeWalt Victory Branch Pollinator Garden Awaiting Sage Notes article
2018 City of Dover City Park Native Plant Gardens; Michelle Hutchings terminated
2018 Quakie Quest: Inventorying Aspen in the Wild West and Increasing Aspen Awareness Salmon Valley Stewardship; Jenny Gonyer Awaiting Sage Notes article
2018 Dept Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology, The OSU; Rosa Rodriguez-Pena Evaluating the role of pollinator mediated selection in flower morphology (Penstemon) Awaiting Sage Notes article
2018 Gloria Program; Michael Mancuso Establishing a Gloria program in Idaho March 2019 Complete
2018 Sawtooth Botanical Garden, Gardens and Facilities; Katherine Noble Manager Improvements to Two Montane Gardens at SBG Dec. 2018 Complete
2017 Orton Botanical Garden, Twin Falls, ID; Caroline Morris, LaMar Orton Idaho Native Plant Sign Improvement Project March 2019 Complete
2017 Steven K. Rust Reconciliation of the Wellner Collections Terminated
2017 Suzanne Stone PTO President Collister Elementary School Garden, Boise, Idaho Terminated
2017 Amy Thorson graduate student, University of Idaho McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS) Ponderosa State Park Native Plant Restoration Project Complete? Awaiting Sage Notes article
2017 Michael Ottenlips A Taxonomic Revision of the state sensitive species complex Lomatium March 2019 Complete
2017 Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute Learning Nursery and Nature Center (PCEI) Nursery and Trail Sign Enhancement (funded by White Pine Chapter of INPS) Completed Requirements (White Pine)
2016 Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS), Boise, Idaho; ERIN Guerricabeitia, Executive Director BUGS Native Plant Garden Terminated
2016 Tim Reynolds, Friends of Camas National Wildlife Refuge Inc. and Sue Braastad, Upper Snake Chapter Camas Pollinator Garden Dec. 2016 Complete
2016 Kat Vanden Heuvel, Sawtooth Botanical Garden, Executive Director Carol’s Wildflower Garden – An Educational Display of Native Flora Dec. 2018 Complete
2016 Leslie Freeman and Murray Dalgleish, Superintendent/HS Principal Council Pond Butterfly and Moth Garden Terminated
2016 Michael C. Rotter, Graduate Fellow, Northern Arizona University Insect Herbivores and Trait Evolution in Mimulus guttatus Awaiting Sage Notes article
2016 Kay Beall, USFS Boise NF and Clark Fleege, Lucky Peak Nursery Manager Lucky Peak Nursery Monarch and Native Bee Garden June 2018 Complete
2016 Friends of Deer Flat, Robert C. Christensen, President and Wendy Irwin, Volunteer Coordinator Native Sagebrush-Steppe Restoration at Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge Sept. 2018 Complete
2016 The Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey, Tate Mason, Education Coordinator Raptor Ridge Restoration Project Awaiting Sage Notes article
2016 Kristen Gnojewski Sage International School Wetland Dec. 2017 Complete
2015 Hawthorne Elementary School, Boise, Idaho Hawthorne Elementary Native Habitat Teaching Garden Dec. 2017 Complete
2015 Lauren Studley, Project leader Idaho’s Flesh-eating Forbs, A Comprehensive Guide to Idaho’s Carnivorous Plants Awaiting Sage Notes article
2014 Jeffrey P. Rose MS, PhD student, The University of Wisconsin, Madison Evolution and Biogeography of Polemonium (Polemoniaceae): the Polemonium pulcherrimum Species Complex in Idaho Dec. 2017 Complete
2014 Dr. Stephen Love, University of Idaho, Aberdeen R&E Center Acquisition of High Elevation, Dwarf and Compact Forms of Idaho Penstemon Species for Horticultural Use  Dec. 2014 Complete
2014 Rebecca Stubbs, PhD Student, Department of Biology, University of Florida Into the cold: Montane Idaho as refugium for alpine-arctic Micranthes (Saxifragaceae) Mar. 2016 Complete
2013 Bruneau Elementary School, Bruneau, Idaho, Amber Pearson, Principal; Brandi Lisle, Teacher An Outdoor Learning Environment Dec. 2015 Complete
2013 Pocatello Zoo, Pocatello, Idaho, Corrine Coffman Wild about Idaho’s Native Plants Sept. 2015 Complete
2012 Rockford Elementary, Blackfoot, Idaho, Julie Wada, Rockford PTA President Outdoor Classroom Initiative Dec. 2013 Complete
2012 Roosevelt Elementary, Boise, Idaho, Holly Beck, INPS member and Parent Outdoor Classroom Initiative May 2013 Complete
2012 Panhandle Animal Shelter, Ponderay, Idaho, Mandy G. Evans, Executive Director Native Plant Landscape Sept. 2015 Complete
2011 Rolling Hills Public Charter School, Boise Environmental Literacy and Living Classroom Initiative Project discontinued
2011 Idaho Museum of Natural History Replacing identification tags, outdoor exhibit Awaiting report
2010 Fred Rabe, Friends of the Clearwater Fortynine Meadows – Proposed RNA Feb. 2011 Complete
2010 Kinnikinnick NPS Landscaping with Native Plants in the Idaho Panhandle (book submitted) Dec. 2011 Complete
2010 Gail Bolin, Graduate Student – University of Idaho Native Plant Riparian Buffer Demonstration Site: Dover City Park, Dover, ID: Interpretive signs, brochures  N/A Complete
2010 Palouse Prairie School, Moscow Introducing Elementary School Students to the Native Plants of the Palouse Prairie Sept. 2012 Complete
2009 Gail Bolin, Graduate Student – University of Idaho Native Plant Riparian Buffer Demonstration Site: Dover City Park, Dover, ID May 2010 Complete
2009 John Crock Restore one-half acre Palouse Prairie along Latah Trail, east of Moscow,Idaho Project discontinued
2009 Danielle L Clay, Graduate Student, Boise State University Explore Potential Hybridizing of Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja Christii, Orobanchaeae) Using Molecular and Morphological Techniques. Dec. 2011 Complete
2008 Dylan Levy-Boyd, Graduate Student – Prescott College Macrofungi of the South Hills, Idaho Spring 2009 Complete
2008 Kay Beall, Boise National Forest, Idaho City District Mores Creek Summit and Rabbit Creek Interpretive Kiosks Project Winter 2008 Complete
2008 Sah-Wah-Be Chapter (Cathy Frischmann, Karl Holte, Janet Bala) Native Plant Guide to North Bannock County/Southeastern Idaho
2007 Ed Papenberg, Americorps Volunteer Coordinator Magic Valley Citizen Seed Harvest Project
2007 Stephen L. Love, University of Idaho Native Plant Germplasm Collection in the Seven Devils Region Winter 2008 Complete
2006 Stephen L. Love, University of Idaho Collection of Native Plant Germplasm for Use in Home Landscapes – Owyhee Mountains Winter 2006 Complete
2006 Kinnikinnick Chapter Lichens in a Conservation Context: Presentation and Field Excursion by Toby Spribille Winter 2006 Complete
2005 Kinnikinnick Chapter Forest Management and Lichens: Presentation and Field Excursion by Toby Spribille N/A Complete
2005 Sawtooth Botanical Garden Native Plants for High Elevation Western Gardens: A Lecture by Nancy R Morin N/A Complete